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Sarah Routman

Born in Dayton, Ohio

Lives & works in Minneapolis, MN

Sarah is an intensely creative person with boundless energy. Finding beauty in places often overlooked by others, Sarah sees the world through her unique lens of grateful optimism.  She is a visual person, a writer, a doodler and a coloring book artist. She believes that attitude can shift everything in life, and makes a point to take walks, take pictures, read books and travel from her home in Minnesota. Sarah brings a genuine love of life to her photography, which she began studying in college.

Sarah has a BA in English/Creative Writing and a BFA in Photography from Ohio University, as well as a masters degree in

Adult Education from the University of Georgia. After teaching high school English and drama for 10 years in Florida and 

Georgia, Sarah ran two non-profits in the Twin Cities for 18 years before starting a Laughter Yoga business, Laugh for the Health of It, LLC. Sarah brings all of her life's experiences to her work which she is happy to share on these pages.

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”  - Marc Riboud

Sarah is passionate about helping, healing and sharing joy. As an Adjunct Leadership Instructor and Wellness Champion at the University of Minnesota, Sarah skillfully brings people together, making group work both delightful and productive. She cares deeply about empowering people with tools for self-care to create a sense of life balance and cultivate a proactive approach toward personal wellness. She is a certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Corporate Trainer, inspiring others to lead happier, healthier, more meaningful lives by unleashing their full potential. Her biggest challenge in her laughter work is how to photograph it while leading the laughter sessions!

Learn more about Sarah's other passion here: 

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