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Paint Pouring and Photographs Collide

Paint-Pouring ~
or Photographs

I discoverd paint pouring with my friend, Cherryl, in January, 2022. I immediately realized that 'painting' with my camera  was at least as intriguing as painting with paint.


Paint-pouring uses acrylic paint mixed with water and/or some type of paint additive to improve flow and leveling. There are many methods of playing with the paint, including layering colors into a single cup or pouring directly from individual cups.


With a seemingly endless trove of YouTube tutorials available, I’ve begun experimenting with many approaches. 


The paint literally moves, which means the image is constantly changing. At this point, the end goal for me is the numerous photographs that focus on what I ‘see’ on the ever-fluctuating canvas. More often than not, the images I capture along the way are far more appealing to me than the final ‘painting’ which will alter as it dries, once again bringing a new response.

Paint pouring - what it looks like.jpeg
Abstract Paint Pour with 'Flood'.jpeg

“One can speak poetry just by arranging colors well.” - Vincent van Gogh                                                                    

NOTE: Should any of these creations tickle your fancy, let me know. I will gladly create an original piece for you, make you a set of greeting cards, or discuss other options (printing on metal, canvas, magnets and more). 
SHOP from HOME - I'll gladly schedule a Zoom call so you can preview my work and find something perfect to fit your needs!

Commissioned by Hand & Stone Massage in Chanhassen, MN

NEW FOR 2024 - I'm customizing photos of your favorite people onto my photographs or paintings.

Once we meet, you decide what you like, and I'll do the rest.

What you choose to make once we combine the images will determine the cost. Contact me today to start collaborating!

I like to paint on discarded objects. Think

  • CD covers

  • Old LPs

  • Extra tile from your recent remodel

  • Unwanted coasters

  • Used canvas

  • Toilet paper and paper towel rolls

Coming soon - images of upcycled work.

Paintings and photographs can be made into clothing, home and wall decor, and more.

Original painting sold to Beverly Farnbacher.jpeg

This original painting has

found a new home in Ohio. 

This metal print of a painting is now hanging in an apartment in the Bronx, NY.

Metal Print from Painting

Visit LeGaleriste to see my Clothing Line. I'm happy to create something inspired by you. Do you have a favorite color palete? Let's collaborate to create something amazing!

Many of my paintings have been created on keychains, mugs, serving trays, playing cards, and more on Zazzle.

You can find an ever-growing collection of both my photographs and paintings on Fine Art America that can be purchased as prints on canvas, metal, or wood, cards - or even things like shower curtains, towels in a variety of sizes, and puzzles. It's a visual shopping spree - it costs nothing to look!

Your comments there are a great gift to me. 

See something you like? Any painting can be made into a card, a magnet, piece of clothing - you name it, I'll find a way to do it! I'm also happy to create a customized painting for you with your favorite color palette. 

This scarf, now being worn in Ohio, was designed from an original painting.


This scarf, from the painting 'Bubbles' was purchased as a gift in Minnesota.

Ready for a Swim

Painting can be messy. I hate wasting anything, so I found something fun to do with my colorful paper towels!

Paper mache
Paper mache bowl
Early Works
Getting Started
Mythical Tree
Water Falls
All Sorts of Fish
Love is Blue_edited
Green Dog with a Colorful Ear
Panda in Moonlight
Turtle Wandering
Cave People
Flying Seahorse
Red Heart Growing
Blue-hued Bird
Fish Talking to a Blob
Purple Abstract_edited
Abstract Green
Pitcher of Gold
Hand & Stone Commissioned Work
Sarah's Favorites (for the moment - I'll change this periodically)
Inspirational Words
A Little Bit of Everything
Girl with Pigtails
The secrets of space
The Midas Touch
The original JOY
Blue shawl
Purple Tree
Cells in greens and blues
Blue Mountains
In a cave
Into the Orange
Stare-down of the fish
Still life of color
Trees blowing
A splash of autumn
Recent Works
Seafoam Puddles on Purple Sand

Seafoam Puddles on Purple Sand Imagine standing on the beach as cool water washes over your toes -


Discovery Sit with the colors for awhile to uncover your own secret discovery.

Splashing in Puddles of Color

Splashing in Puddles of Color Oh, to be a child, splashing in puddles of color - wondering at the world again!

Inside the Garden of Eden

Inside the Garden of Eden What if we could peel back the curtain and peer inside the Garden of Eden - take a look.

Mother Earth

Mother Earth Inhale the freshness after a spring rain - mother earth is tending the garden.

Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather Raging storms are a piece of something bigger that lies beyond the sky.

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